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 transform your wardrobe 1000 or less

Good morning readers,

Are you uninspired by the clothing hanging in your closet? You know, that feeling of dread when you wake up lying in bed, thinking about having to figure out something ‘nice’ to wear for the day but with your selection of clothes it seems so impossible? Are you wearing clothes that make you feel not good enough? If yes, honey, you are in DIRE need for a wardrobe transformation!

Today I am going to share with you 5 things you need for a DIY wardrobe transformation. These 5 things are essential. They will help you embrace the fabulous change your about to go under.

5 things:

1. A friend – You need someone trustworthy to give you an honest opinion, be your support when you need it, snap your pictures, enjoy the experience with you and to witness your amazing transformation.

2. Bottle of wine & 2 glasses – A wardrobe transformation is serious business. It can be difficult and it can be emotional. Take the edge off with some wine and celebrate the changes you are about to experience.

3. Full length mirror –  Check yourself out, pay attention to how you feel in what you are wearing. Does your outfit make you feel amazing or does it make you feel average, poor or not good enough? It is very important to pay attention to your emotions. If you are unsure of how you are feeling… Do not worry, your facial expressions will show through your photos.

4. Camera – This is the most important tool for your wardrobe transformation. The camera does not lie and it will capture all the important evidence you need to know when choosing what clothes need to stay and what clothes need to go (Rule: Your friend is in charge of the camera. No deleting photos until the review is over). Pay attention to your body language and facial expressions when reviewing the photos from the shoot. If you feel great in your clothes you will naturally smile. If you are forcing your smile, review that outfit, understand why and be ready to let it go – you need your friend to be there for this part too. Letting go can be the hardest thing to do. Remember when one door closes, an even better door opens! Get ready to make room in your life for the best possible version of yourself. Fall in love with how good you feel when wearing clothes that make you feel like a million bucks!

5. Fun music – Fun music is essential when having to put outfits together that do not inspire you. The music may not inspire you in putting outfits together, but it at least helps to enjoy the photo shoot while wearing the clothes that make you feel average.

Remember to enjoy the process. It may or may not be emotional. But, it is so important to love yourself through the whole experience. How important is it for you to feel good everyday? That’s what I thought. If that’s not happening, and your wardrobe is apart of the problem. then it’s time to fix it. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

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Yours truly,

Sarah Pool


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